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Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that the most productive opportunities in global markets require long term investment. It’s the time you spend in the market that matters, not trying to time when to get in or out of financial markets

Cash is not King

Many people like the safety of putting all their cash in a bank or building society. However, this is likely to give you the lowest return over the longer term – which generally means longer than five years.

Cash not king graphs

Volatility is inevitable

Financial markets always experience bouts of heightened volatility. This is often driven by investors reacting to economic or political change. However, in the long term, asset prices are driven by fundamentals, such as earnings, rather than emotion.

Volatility graph

A world of opportunities

We believe that investors should diversify globally as you can never know which markets will outperform from year to year. However, thinking only in terms of landmass can distort decisions, so it is wiser to invest broadly in line with world stock market capitalisation

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Your investment portfolio

When determining the specific asset mix for your investment portfolio we consider three factors – your attitude to risk, your capacity for loss and how long you plan to invest for. We will then propose an asset allocation strategy tailored specifically for you.

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